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It is safe to use during menstruation or while pregnant as long as there is no problems with the skin. Refrain from using too much of the galvanic massage as it sends electromagnetic currents through the skin.

Q. Can I use it during menstruation or pregnancy?

Q. What is the recommended usage time?

The recommended time for facial cleansing and galvanic massaging is about 5 minutes. We don't recommend going over 15 minutes as overuse may irritate the skin.

Q. How long does the battery last?

The battery will last for 30 days based on a recommended daily use of 5 minutes per day.  The device has an auto-off feature if left on for 10 minutes.

Q. How do you keep it clean?

Rinse the device with warm water.  Gently shake it out.

Place it back onto the wireless charging pad.

The galvanic massage surface is made from plastic and has been thoroughly tested to assure safe use.  Do not use if you have irritation on the skin.

Q. Is there any risk from using the galvanic surface?

Continuous vibrations are released while using Main massage.  This surface is used for bolder, larger areas on the face.  The Detail massage surface is activated with a pulsating vibration with less pressure for more sensitive skin and harder to reach areas on the face (Please check the manual for a more detailed description).

Q. What is the difference between Main massage and Detail massage?

Q. Can I use it with other products?

It can be used with other products, but using other products together may not show as much efficient results.

It is most effective to use with our recommended skincare products.

It maximizes the absorption of active ingredients to maintain healthy skin.

Q. Can I use it without applying skincare products?




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